Initial Accommodation Request

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This form is for new and current Liberty University students who are requesting accommodations for the first time. (Form should be filled out by the student.)

Begins with an “L” and is followed by eight numbers; you can complete this form once a student ID number has been created for you.

*Please use ONLY your LU email address!

Specific Accommodation Information

Please select all that apply. If you are an English As A Second Language Student, please choose ESL from the list below for test accommodations.

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Student StatusRequired
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Academic Accommodations - Acceptable documentation that verifies your diagnosis or disability includes a copy of your high school IEP or 504 plan, psychoeducational evaluation, or letter (on letterhead with signature) from your licensed healthcare provider. If your documentation is deemed insufficient, you will be asked to submit additional documentation.

Non- Academic Accommodations – Please submit applicable Disability Verification Form (Housing, ESA/Service Dog, or Dining) as found in the Accommodate Resource Library.